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"So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are." - Lawrence of Arabia

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Will to Fight; the Will to Win are, and have always been, the direct contributing factors to victory in war.

After Pearl Harbor, the American people developed or, for the cynical minded, were manipulated into developing, the Will to Fight.

And, Free Societies with the Will to fight have always beaten the unfree hatreds of dictators and despots. Always.

Of course, During WWII, there was a large contingent of "surrender monkeys" who believed that the triumph of either Hitler’s fascism or Stalin's fascism, was inevitable. There is nothing new about those who will defend or even support horrible atrocities and conquests in the name of "peace" and pragmatism.
Those who believed in the ultimate, inevitable triumph of Stalin's "Communist" fascism lasted long after WWII. They believed the “Will to Fight” and the “Will to Win” were anachronistic values that actually placed the United States and mankind in danger. They believed it was better to compromise or even surrender with an Evil that placed no value on human life and murdered millions of people in the name of pragmatism.

This debate hotly raged until the fall of the Soviet Union and, there are several places, most notably Eastern Europe, China, and Vietnam, where the US "blinked" and surrendered this Will to fight, condemning hundreds of millions to death and slavery.

This Will to fight has always been engendered or suppressed; supported or attacked; made to seem like a noble cause, or vilified as criminal actions, by the media.

The United States of America is an historically unique breeding ground for generating the democratic values of liberty and brotherhood. The values of freedom of speech and religion along with equality under the law and just courts are uniquely American values.

This value system is also unique that it is biblically based in the Judeo – Christian bible and traditions.

Both Judaism and Christianity have recreated themselves in the United States. They have both developed new aspects of their religions based on a sort of feedback loop from the values upon which the USA was founded.

The initial Christian "exceptionalism" that led our earliest forefathers to believe that America was “the promised land” and that they, as new immigrants were the “chosen people,” has developed into an "American exceptionalism" which includes all Americans. And, this has in turn looped back to reinvigorate Christian values Jewish values to reflect American values in new ways with new ideals.

American Christianity, whether it be Evangelicalism or Catholicism or other variants of Protestantism or even Mormonism, is the driving force of Christianity throughout the world. It reflects American values.

And, it is no accident that the world thinks America is Jewish, even though, statistically speaking, Jews are an insignificant number in the general population. The philosophies of Judaism have grown and been re-energized in the United States of America unlike any other time or place.

The synthesis of these two points of view – the fact that the media has always influenced the Will to Fight and the Will to Win in the United States and, the fact that the Jewish and Christian religions have been influenced and have influenced the United States to the ideals of liberty; brotherhood; freedom; and justice, can set an example of what must be done to win this current war against Islamic radicals that believe that murder and chaos are their tools by which they enter Heaven.

It matters little whether Islam has been hijacked or whether these murders are at the core belief of Islam. What matters is that it is possible to change these beliefs and this way of life (or, more to the point, death worship) by allowing and encouraging Muslims to develop an American Islam based the distinct American values of tolerance for other points of view.

On the American values of freedom of speech and religion.

On the American values of equality and for all peoples under the law, particularly women and “non-believers” in the case of Islam.

The most powerful force that America has to convince Muslims that they can take their religion and culture and make it new and free is the media that permeates our world.

Use that media to promote American values and denigrate the values of Death worship and destruction.

Use that media to create a uniquely American Islam that is able to spread its philosophies of tolerance and justice to the rest of the world.

Why not?


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