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Friday, April 08, 2011

The Arab Spring?

For the last 100 years, the Islamic/ Arab world has been going through what I call "The Great Sectarian Muslim/ Arab Civil War."
Muslims and Arabs are the main victims where everyone else, including Israel; the US: the "Western World; Whomever - are just "Brownie Points" on a scoreboard that whoever does the most damage to the "Far Enemy" - non Muslims and non Arabs - gets "Street Cred" in trying to establish their Imaginary Caliphate over the "Near Enemy" - their fellow Muslims and Arabs.
And still - people (even those who theoretically have the expertise to understand these things) are wondering what is happening in the Arab world right now?
What will the results be of this "Arab Spring?"
Is this a New, Democratic Movement that is finally breaking forth?

It is the continuing savagery of a culture that is currently undergoing its phase of "The Flavor of My G-d is Better than the Flavor of Your G-d."

The Christian world reached this point in what is commonly called "the Protestant Reformation," which I call the "Christian Reformation" or... the Great Honking Christian Sectarian Civil War.
This lasted about 300 years; was worldwide; but specifically encompassed all of Europe; and obliterated cities, towns, huge tracts of farmland, and millions upon millions of Christian Europeans.
They were ALL killing each other over the idea that "THEIR" Flavor of Christianity was superior to "YOUR" Flavor of Christianity.
And, the Jewish world did this 2,000 years ago in what Josephus called "The Wars of the Jews."
They also ended up obliterating their world.

This Arab/ Muslim War has become more and more destructive from its inception around 100 years ago and it has nowhere else to go except into more violence; more destruction; and more death, until they destroy the world or become bankrupt; exhausted; dead; and destroyed - and, therefore can no longer fight...
(Which is what happened to the Christians 500 years ago...)

This "Arab Spring" is simply the latest, more violent, more vicious, more destructive phase of over 100 years of incessant violence and domination directed towards other Muslims and Arabs.
This will continue to get worse - not better.
There will be no "Democracy" or "Liberty" or "Tolerance" or "Justice" or... especially "Mercy," until the Arab/ Muslim world changes its basic values.
Unfortunately, based on both Jewish and Christian precedents, they are unlikely to do this before they utterly destroy themselves... and - possibly the rest of the planet.


Blogger Jewish Odysseus said...

Six months later...you're a proven prophet!!

It boggles my mind how the "geniuses," esp so many Jewish "neo-cons," were so blind to this obvious path... I'm sure you will appreciate that one little word that explains so much of what we see in the Arab lands: "Ishmael."

6:55 PM  

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